Admissions to the school depend on the official admission numbers calculated by the local education authority. Applications received by the published date (06/11/15) up to the official number are usually successful regardless of where the applicant lives or goes to school. Over subscription criteria will apply if the admission number is exceeded. This year (2016-17) we admitted 236 to Year 7 which is below the official number of 280. The admission number for 2017-18 is 284. If relevant, oversubscription criteria apply in the following rank order:


1. Pupils for whom there are exceptional social reasons (e.g. looked after children), which in the opinion of the Corporate Director for Lifelong Learning, justify admission to the school.

2. Pupils for whom there are exceptional medical or educational reasons, which in the opinion of the Corporate Director of Lifelong Learning justify admission to the school.

3. Pupils who are residents within the intended geographical area (or designated catchment area, where defined) that the school is intended to serve.

4. Pupils for whom it is the nearest school suitable for their age, parental language preference (designated Welsh Medium Schools) or parental denominational preference (controlled schools) as measured by walking distance from the nearest available school gate to the pupil’s home.

5. Siblings of pupils already admitted under point 2, 3, 4.

6. Pupils living nearest to the school, measured by the shortest walking distance from the nearest available school gate to the pupil’s home.


An appeal procedure operates as explained in the information guide. Applications for admission into other year groups are referred to Denbighshire County Council. All queries should be directed to County Hall Ruthin 01824 706101. Prospective parents/carers may wish to view the school, in which case they should contact the school office to make an appropriate appointment.