Discrimination is the unjust treatment of different categories of people. This could be because of race, religion, age, sex, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or other perceived differences. Discriminating and targeting someone because they are different to you is wrong, regardless of the methods used to discriminate.

At Prestatyn High School we take discrimination very seriously and it will not be tolerated.
We will deal with all instances of discrimination in a stringent and robust way.

Student focus group

A group of students have been working with staff in school to lead on the anti-discrimination campaign. This group meet weekly with a local youth worker to plan, prepare and support the school in ensuring that the campaign is relevant, appropriate and supports the students and school community. These inspirational students have also been presenting to pupils lower down the school to recruit new students to work with the campaign. So far, the response has been phenomenal and demonstrates the truly amazing young people we have in the school.


Our student group have said:

‘As a group, we want a completely non-racist school and a community that does not discriminate. This is something we can work to build over time. We want to minimize the discriminatory behaviour and language that is sometimes used. We want to help educate and inform all members of our school and community to help celebrate diversity. We believe it is extremely important to appreciate diversity and create an atmosphere of support in the school and community where prejudice is challenged’

Social Responsibility curriculum

Social Responsibility is a new lesson within the Prestatyn High curriculum. The lessons have been created in order to educate and eradicate discrimination, prejudice and bullying within our school and local community. The lessons focus on mutual respect, being kind and having compassion for others. Lessons have been interactive in line with the new curriculum for Wales. The subject has also been delivered in line with the new curriculum by the local police liaison officer and Denbighshire County Council Youth Workers.
Year 7, 8 and 9 have all embarked on this new learning journey and have engaged with the lesson content well. So far students have explored a wide range of lessons ranging from: the impact of language, banter or bullying and the consequences linked to discrimination. If you would like to take a closer look into our lessons please see the attached learning plans. The new curriculum has been developed by our Social Science department, who are actively engaged with current issues and the context of our school and local community. This has enabled the lessons to be relevant and engaging for our students.

The Social Science department have successfully created a network of providers that are enhancing the lessons and schemes of work. The local police force, Choose Life, Barnardos, Hafan Cymru, Denbighshire Youth Workers and the Welsh Government have all had an input with sessions. Providers have given presentations and displays to enhance the knowledge delivered by the teachers. This has been extremely beneficial for learners to understand how these topics relate to: the workplace, legal system and physical/mental health.
Alongside lessons taught within the classroom year 7 took part in a series of Anti-Bullying Workshops. These workshops were conducted by Denbighshire County Councils Youth Work Team. Each workshop was based on; how to treat others, confidence building, mental health, wellbeing and kindness. Year 7 were exceptional and enthusiastic on both days. It was excellent to see our students actively involved with members of the local community, dealing with vital messages that we all should uphold.
As a school we regularly seek guidance from our students, in order to do this we have an active student council group, an anti-discrimination group and whole student surveys. A survey we have completed this term is the SHRN report. This report informs schools on the issues that young people face, these issues range from mental health, wellbeing, substance abuse and relationships. The results from the survey will be returned in Spring 2022. We will use this data to inform our PSE scheme of work and Social Responsibility lessons.
We hope that your children have been coming home and discussing these lessons and their importance. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Mrs C Turner
Deputy Head Teacher

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Discrimination - it stops with me