Your choice of where to study at Post 16, and which courses you want to take, is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life; it can help to determine your choice of university, you career and ultimately your future. We will help you, push you, guide you and nurture your talents so that you achieve your goals, reach your potential and have the highest aspirations possible.

We have experience of getting students into the best universities and the best courses over the last sixty years. This is a great 6th Form and we are rapidly improving all aspects of our provision further. The results of our Y13s achieved at AS put them in the top 25% of students in the whole of the UK (2018). At Prestatyn, we have an exceptionally wide-ranging curriculum offer, providing courses that are suitable for all, no matter your interests. We have established a national reputation for our vocational qualifications and it is not surprising that they are extremely popular. In all our departments, from Maths to Biology, Economics to Literature, we have teams of excellent teachers who combine years of experience with the highest qualifications.
No written information can give the answer to all of your questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. If you choose us for your Post 16 education, rest assured that you will be well-supported as you join a thriving, vibrant and successful centre. We have a wealth of Post-16 experience at PHS and a long record of outstanding success to help you achieve your potential and we are confident that you will find it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
We look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

Students are expected to adhere to the dress code policy and wear clothes which would be suitable in a professional working environment.

1. Black, white or grey plain t-shirts, jumpers, shirts or cardigans may be worn but should not display any large logos or slogans.
2. Black trousers or skirts are to be worn; jeans and jeggings are not permitted.
3. Black shoes or trainer type shoes are acceptable but must be all black.
4. Lanyards + fobs to be worn at all times on site.
All students are reminded that they are in a working/learning environment alongside other adults and younger children. They should therefore realise that a degree of professionalism is expected from them at all times. The final judgement on acceptable appearance lies with the Head of Sixth Form and the Headteacher.

Vision and Values

Prestatyn High School is a significant provider of further education for 16-19 year olds in Prestatyn, Rhyl and the surrounding areas. We are proud that we can offer the widest range of courses that equip students with the qualifications and skills for a successful future in higher education and employment. We provide the best opportunities for a wide range of students.
Prestatyn High School has high expectations of students and staff so that opportunity progression and success can be achieved. We challenge and support students in all aspects of their sixth form life to ensure they do their best and fulfil our expectations.


• We commit to continuously improve the quality of learning by excellent teaching.
• We commit to bringing equality and fairness to all aspects of sixth form life.
• We commit to help you plan your programme of study and help you plan for your future.
• We commit to monitor your attendance and regularly review your progress in each subject area.
• We commit to liaise with your family, send them regular reports and invite them to student review evenings


We have a wide choice of general and vocational subjects available so you can choose the combination that suits your personal situation. We have highly qualified teachers and lecturers that specialise in their subject areas.
There are study areas for you to use outside the classroom with up to date technology, a library and other work areas with PCs and internet access. Well equipped laboratories, workshops and computer suites support learning. There are social areas for times between lessons. We offer excellent support and guidance to our students provided by specialist staff and we have excellent careers advice provided by Careers Wales.