ALN - Specialist Services


All of our ALN pupils will have either a Learner Profile or an Individual Education Plan, depending on whether they have transferred to the new ALN system that comes into force in September 2021 (see ALN Reforms section for further information). This will help inform teachers and others working with the pupil of specific strategies in order to help this pupil achieve.
Our Specialist Support – some support is provided by the NHS other support services are provided through Denbighshire County Council including:
· Educational Psychologist through Team Around the School
· Speech and Language Therapy Service (SALT)
· CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
· OT – Occupational Therapy
· School Counselling Service
· ALN Teaching Assistants
· School Nurse
· Safe Haven space within the ALN Hub
· Nurture Class (Year 7) – located within the ALN Department
· Careers Wales – specialist and individualised careers advice from Years 9 through to Sixth Form

Michael Berry
Head of Additional Learning Needs

Emma Tate
ALN Support Manager

If parents wish to discuss or find out about the changes to Special Educational Needs, please contact our Head of Additional Learning Needs, Mike Berry, or the ALN Support Manager, Emma Tate.