Policies and Documents

Staffing Policies

Call Recording and Monitoring
Guidance for Teachers Perform
Management Policy
Guidance for Support in Redundancy
Pay Policy
School Complaints Policy
Cover Policy
Early Voluntary Retirement for Teachers
Facilitating Change Policy
School Organisation Policy
Leave of Absence for
School Based Staff
Schools Dignity at Work, Anti-Bullying Policy
Emergency Plan
Schools Disciplinary Policy -
& Procedure Support Staff
Attendance At Work Policy
Sickness Absence Policy
NQT Induction & EDP Policy
Schools Disciplinary Policy - & Procedure Teachers & HTs
Schools Managing Job Performance Policy

The above documents are available on request.

Health & Safety Policies

Attendance Policy
Smoking Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Food & Fitness Policy
Secondary School Substance Misuse Policy
Looked After Children Managing Bereavement & Critical Illness Policy
Use of Reasonable Force & Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy
Anti-bullying Policy
Health & Safety & Welfare Policy Choose to Succeed Policy (Behaviour)
PHS Strategic Equality Plan
SEN & Policy Review
DCC Internet, Email and Telephone Policy
DCC Safe Internet Guide for Adults working with Children
DCC E-safety Policy
PHS E-safety Policy

The above documents are available on request.

Curriculum Policies

Skills Policy
Out of School Learning Policy
Careers & World of Work Policy Curriculum Policy
ESDGC Policy
Fairtrade Policy Transition Policy
Collective Worship
PSE Policy Sex Education Policy
Admissions Policy Exams Policy
Policy for Developing Bilingualism
Assessment Policy
Educational Visits Policy

The above documents are available on request.