Headteacher’s Welcome

Once again, we have had an exceptional year and achieved so much. There has never been a better time to join the Prestatyn High family.

We have seen some of our best ever A-level results and great GCSE outcomes once again. Alongside this, we continue to refresh and improve many of the school buildings to give all of our learners the best educational experience possible. The science labs are now all renovated, the sports facilities upgraded and we have lifts installed ready for use in 2024 to list but a few. These changes and improvements are just the beginning of our journey to be the best school in Wales.

We are improving every aspect of the school, putting the pieces into place to make our school a beacon of learning and excellence. These improvements, alongside our smart school uniform, have allowed us to continue to develop and grow, transforming Prestatyn High and its community, further raising our aspirations and expectations of what is possible. The future is very bright for all learners at our great school.

I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Prestatyn High School. My passion is for all our learners to be challenged and supported to achieve their very best. The staff here at Prestatyn High work tirelessly to ensure our pupils and students enjoy their time at school, work hard, and achieve good outcomes. In an ever changing education landscape, our focus is fixed firmly on strategies to further improve the quality of teaching, learning, assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare for all our young people. This first class education will provide them with the knowledge to achieve well in examinations whilst developing lifelong skills that will prepare them for their future. This is all the more important now that we as a community are dealing with the long lasting impact and challenges of the pandemic.

"expectations are unapologetically high in all areas of the school including behaviour, attendance, engagement, uniform code, safeguarding and quality of teaching and assessment".

"achieve good outcomes every day,

whilst also enjoying school and developing lifelong

skills that will prepare them for their future". 

Here at Prestatyn High we embed Literacy, Numeracy and IT skills in all we do, ensuring that all pupils are ready to make their way in the world and society. We strive that all pupils, no matter their starting point or background, make rapid and sustained progress.

The opportunities available to learners at Prestatyn High are as numerous as they are varied. The broad curriculum empowers learners to progress well and achieve the very best academic qualifications. The enrichment activities, which includes after school clubs, additional GCSE qualifications, and many trips abroad, allow pupils to expand their interests and horizons well beyond the school gates.

Please contact the school for any further information, or visit and see for yourself what Prestatyn High School has to offer.

Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA.