Welcome to the Well-being Hub

The well-being hub, a recent addition to Prestatyn High School. A welcoming, nurturing space where pupils can seek solitude throughout their school day. The well-being team aim to deliver bespoke 1:1 and group interventions through a referral system, done via the year teams. Interventions include ELSA, Lego Based Therapy, Unearthing and Knitting. We have also outsourced external agencies to deliver specialised and time managed, additional support. For example, local well-being company ‘Soul Sister Wellness’ working with a group of female pupils on a 4-week course, supporting positive mental and physical health habits. More recently we have introduced a weekly well-being walk every Wednesday, giving pupils the opportunity to spend time in blue and green spaces and to promote a healthy active lifestyle. Trips have taken place in Bodnant Gardens and the local seafront.
The well-being team is made up of Ceri Smith and Virginia Dobbins. Ceri, the school’s well-being link worker, working closely with cluster primary schools to aid the transition of upcoming year 6 pupils. Extended transition covers a wide range of social, emotional and academic skills alongside regular visits to the high school. As the well-being link, Ceri also provides an extra layer of support to our look after children in Prestatyn High School, keeping a link between pupils, carers and their appropriate counties.
Overseeing the school’s external interventions is Virginia. Ensuring the quality of all referrals is of a high standard, working closely with the 'Youth Service' and 'Llwybrau' teams. Alongside this, Virginia supports our Young Carers and Service Children within the school’s cohort. This includes regular meetings with the representatives, facilitating drop-in sessions, and working towards our school becoming a bronze medal ‘Armed Forces Friendly’ placement.
Future plans include to continue with the high level of support given to our young people, engage in sessions from external agencies and continue to promote a well-rounded holistic approach to school life.

Download our flyer for more information - PHS Well-being hub

The hub offers a significant level of support to out pupils and their families. We are trained to deliver therapeutic interventions which include the following...
  • Anger Management
  • Walk and Talk
  • Drawing and Talking
  • Unearthing
  • Lego/Construction Club
  • Friends Resilience
  • EBSA (emotionally based school avoidance)
  • SAP (student assistance programme)
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Seasons for Growth (bereavement and loss)
  • Knitting
  • Art Therapy

Alongside interventions, we offer emotional support daily to our pupils. We offer support with attendance, motivation and engagement. Help boost self-esteem and confidence. Encourage positive communication between pupils and staff, and promote healthy friendships and social interactions.

Calm Environment
1:1 support in a relaxed, safe setting.

Mrs V Dobbins | Mrs C Smith
Well-Being Assistant | Well-Being Link Worker

Support with attendance, motivation and engagement.