PHS Uniform Consultation Results

Dear Parent \ Guardian

Following our recent consultation with parents, pupils and staff regarding the school uniform, I am pleased to share with you the latest developments and the next steps. The consultation process showed a clear desire amongst all stakeholders to change the school uniform and the outcomes are available to view on the school website. In broad terms, 60%, 78% and 99% of pupils, parents and staff respectively, indicated that they did not wish to retain the existing uniform, with the majority of each of these groups showing a preference for a blazer and tie. In addition, the majority of each group questioned preferred introducing the uniform into all year groups in September 2018.

It was interesting to note that the overwhelming majority of pupil respondents recommended against any prescription surrounding the inclusion of a common school
bag as part of the uniform. During the consultation process, a School Uniform Working Party has been established in order to consider the outcomes, develop a range of options and to make recommendations to the Governing Body. The Working Party comprises Parents, Pupils, Staff, Governors and School Uniform Suppliers, and now meet on a regular basis to develop recommendations for Governing Body approval.

In considering any recommendations, the Governing Body will be mindful of the key points expressed during the consultation as follows:
• Retention of the traditional Maroon colour in any new uniform.
• The affordability of the uniform, especially for low income families together with families with numerous siblings attending PHS.
• The durability of items and their ongoing maintenance and care.
• Securing consistency in the standard of dress with regard to style and colour.
• The ongoing availability and affordability of uniform items and the ability to purchase non branded items (e.g. white shirts) from supermarket chains.
• The timescale for implementation.

The School Uniform Working party is now developing the design, style and colour of the new uniform and a meeting will be arranged in the near future with all parents and stakeholders to share all information.

Additional information:
• The PE kit will be reviewed in the next academic year after feedback suggested there was no great demand for a change.
• A full review of the 6th Form dress code will take place with current Year 11 pupils and existing 6th Formers.
• Year 7 to Year 11 will wear the new uniform.
• Shorts will be included in the summer dress code for boys.
• The Working Party will discuss how best to reduce the cost of the uniform for Year 11 pupils as they will only be expected to wear the uniform for one year.
• In order to further support families, the Governing Body have agreed that financial support would be available for children that are in receipt of Free School Meals as at May 1st 2018. Details on what contribution the school will make and how to access this support will follow.
• In addition, for pupils who will be in Year 7 in September 2018, parents may be entitled to receive a grant towards the cost of their school uniform which is provided by Denbighshire County Council.

Next Steps
• The Working Party will meet regularly to develop the new uniform options.
• In the next few weeks there will be a meeting for all parents and stakeholders to go over the findings of the consultation and display the possible uniform that the Working Party have recommended.
• This meeting will be followed by assemblies for all pupils share this information and latest developments.

In the meantime I would like to thank you for your contribution to the consultation process and most
importantly for your continued support for the school.

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