Christmas Holiday Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for the ongoing support you have given the school this term. We work closely with parents and the local community to secure the highest levels of success for our pupils and students. As a school we have a lot to celebrate: excellent GCSE and A level results; fantastic sporting successes; performances of We Will Rock You, which were amazing; and a tremendous Estyn report which validates everything we do.

We are exceptionally proud of all learners, and staff, and these amazing achievements reinforce our belief that what we are doing day to day is the right thing and that the high standards we hold continue to have an impact.

As a reward for everyone’s hard work, I am pleased to announce the school will be closing early at 12.20pm on Friday 22nd December. This will allow pupils and their families a little extra time together to prepare for Christmas.

However, I am keen to stress that I do not expect to see a dip in attendance just because it is a shortened day. Pupils are expected to attend school and lessons as normal. The school has made all the necessary arrangements for school buses / taxis to be at school early to transport pupils home.

The last day of term will be a non-uniform day for pupils. Pupils wearing their own clothes are encouraged to make a £1 donation which will be shared between Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Alder Hey Cinema; please follow this link to look at the excellent work at Alder Hey -

School re-opens for new term:
The school re-opens for students on Tuesday 9th January. Monday 8th January is a staff training day.

I understand that many of you may currently be facing much bigger challenges than education, which is why we will look to provide wider support to you and your family wherever possible. If you do require additional support, please do not hesitate in contacting the school.

I wish nothing more than for you to have a restful and enjoyable Christmas with your loved ones.


Yours faithfully,
Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA

Attendance and punctuality letter

Dear Parent/ Carer,

Re: Punctuality

We would like to thank all the pupils who regularly attend school on time for registration and to each lesson. We want to remind all parents of our procedures regarding punctuality.

At Prestatyn High School registration starts at 8.40am every day. Pupils who arrive late are greatly disadvantaged because they miss starting the day with their peers and picking up important messages. Pupils who miss the start of a lesson are disadvantaged as they miss recap of prior learning and instructions for that lesson. There is a clear link between attendance and achievement. Lost learning time due to lateness is obviously something that we want to avoid.

  • 5 minutes late to lessons each day means 3 missed days of school in a year
  • 15 mins late each day means you will miss 10 days of school in a year
  • 20 mins late each day means you miss 13 days of school in a year

It is essential that you ensure that your child arrives at school on time to prevent disruption to your child’s own learning and that of others. In order for parents to be informed of their child’s lateness to school, we will be sending out a daily message to parents to inform them of the number of minutes late they were to school that day.

We are required to monitor pupil punctuality and attendance. Lateness (after the registers close) is classified as an unauthorised absence, and therefore will be coded with a U code. You may be invited to sign a punctuality contract to prevent continued lateness. High levels of unauthorised absences or poor punctuality can result in a referral to the Educational Welfare Service and/or trigger Fixed Penalty Notice procedures.

We understand that there may be rare occasions when a pupil is unavoidably late due to unforeseen circumstances. On these occasions please make sure that you contact the school office to inform us when your child will arrive. If you have any concerns regarding punctuality, please contact your child’s Head of Year.


Yours faithfully,

Mrs C Turner
Deputy Headteacher

Year 8 Parental Engagement Evening

Dear parents/carers,
The Year 8 Team would like to invite all parents and carers to attend our Year 8 Parental Engagement Evening on Thursday, 12th October at 5:00pm. This event will provide parents and carers with an opportunity to discover what we offer at Prestatyn High School for all Year 8 pupils.
The evening will include:
  • a presentation delivered by the year team;
  • an insight into the Year 8 curriculum;
  • pupil well-being, pupil expectations and school policies;
  • information regarding options;
  • a chance to speak to the year team to help support future improvement plans.
We hope to welcome all Year 8 pupils’ parents and carers as we strive to improve future provision and support for the entire cohort. We want to ensure that all pupils feel safe and happy at Prestatyn High School as we continue to prioritise their well-being and learning. We are eager to work closely with all parents and carers so we can continue to provide a first-class education for every one of our learners.
We look forward to meeting with you.
Miss K Larkin            Mrs. Delacoe                          Mr. Alcock
Head of Year 8           Deputy Head of Year            Assistant Head of Year

Public Health Wales vaccinations for children and young people

Dear Parents/Carers,
I would like to take this opportunity to share the following information from Public Health Wales regarding vaccinations for children and young people.
Vaccination is one of the most important things we can do to protect children and young people against ill health. The Welsh Government and Public Health Wales have developed the following guide to vaccinations for young people.  Vaccinations for young people - Public Health Wales (
The guide explains when and how vaccinations are offered to young people in school years 7 to 11 (ages 11 to 16) and why they are so important. Parents and carers are asked to read the guide. In addition, when each vaccination is due you will receive information from the school about the vaccination being offered along with a consent form. Please also read this information and return the consent form when requested, so that your child receives the best protection they can have against these serious diseases.
Thank you for your continued support,
Pam Hill
Assistant Headteacher

Enrichment Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Download the timetable - Timetable Enrichment V1 23-24 JW

I do hope that you have had a great summer break with family over the holidays and are now ready for another successful and
engaging year. I have great pleasure in informing you that our enrichment opportunities are now up and running, offering a
fantastic variety for our learners. Prestatyn High School’s after-school enrichment timetable complements the successful
lessons delivered during the school day and takes place between 3pm and 4pm. The enrichment opportunities provide
students with additional learning, new social opportunities, and they help to develop new skills and interests. Enrichment is a
fantastic way to increase enjoyment of school life and create an inclusive, community spirit within the school, whilst also
increasing skills and building character. Taking part in these sessions not only helps the students build confidence, but it also
helps them feel part of a team where they can develop communication skills.
The sessions and classes on offer are for all year groups, and these encompass the core areas of additional learning, group
sessions and sports. The enrichment sessions are decided by the students, and a dedicated member of staff oversees the
sessions on offer, along with senior members of the school. The sessions this term include: Art Club, Computer & Board Game
Clubs, Debating Club, Eco Club, F1 in Schools and Lego (along with many more). The PE Department will be offering a choice of
traditional sports such as netball, football, basketball and gymnastics and, over the coming months, we will include a variety of
activities including less traditional sports such as archery, table tennis and lacrosse. These may attract students who enjoy
engaging in new challenges. Each of these activities are managed by members of the PE Department. Engaging in any form of
physical activity is good for well-being.
We are now looking to expand the enrichment offer further and are looking for members to join the Enrichment Council so
students can take a lead in sessions and play a more significant part in future plans. This will give students more access to the
timetable and make key decisions on the sessions and plans going forward, whilst building their leadership, communication
and team skills. We are also excited to announce that we will be becoming a member of the Children’s University and this will
link into all the enrichment sessions and provide students with new and exciting opportunities.
I have attached a copy of the timetable for you to see what we have on offer this term. All sessions are colour coded, with pins
for which year group can attend, as shown with the key at the bottom of the page.
All of the enrichment sessions will be on our computer systems and will be registered just as they would be in a normal lesson.
If your child gets a school bus home, and wishes to attend an enrichment session, they can book to get home via the Prestatyn
High School minibus at reception. They will need to let the reception team know the date, time, home destination and
enrichment activity. The school mini needs to be booked in advance to ensure we have space. The latest time to book on the
bus is by first break on the day of travel.
I do hope your child takes up this fantastic opportunity, and I look forward to welcoming them to the sessions.
Yours sincerely
Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA. - Pennaeth Headteacher
James Williams - Enrichment
Alex Fuller - Enrichment