Every Day Counts!
Attend today - Achieve tomorrow


At Prestatyn High School, we consider GOOD attendance to be over 97%
We think this because research says that students who have attendance at 95% or below are at risk of underachieving.

The school’s target for attendance is 97%. In helping your child achieve that target, you are helping them achieve their full potential.

Attendance Resources

Should your child be kept off school?

Advice as to whether or not an illness or condition requires your child to stay off school can be found in the Guidance on Infection Control in Denbighshire Schools document.

Guidance on Infection Control in Denbighshire Schools


Illnesses 1


The School Day

Please help your child have the best possible chances at school. Students must be in school for 8.30am so that they are in Registration by 8.40am ready to start their learning at 9am.






If a student has 10 days leave (either authorised or unauthorised) in a school year their attendance will only be...






If your child is off school, we need to know the reasons why and we do need evidence of any medical reasons for non-attendance school. If your child must have some time off school, you can contact our Attendance Officer, on 01745 852312 .You can also discuss any concerns about your child’s attendance with the Attendance Officer.