Check in, Catch up, Prepare

A key element of pupils returning to school is their teaching and learning. Welsh Government have said that the aim of the check in, catch up and prepare time is get pupils learning fit. In Prestatyn High School we believe that means learning regarding wellbeing, and the essential skills of literacy and numeracy. Pupils will be taught by one teacher for the entire day who will prepare them in these three areas. Due to Year 10 being halfway through their GCSEs we have allocated them two days as it is essential for their studies.

In the first week we will focus on wellbeing, with pupils gaining an understanding of their own wellbeing, the situation and how it has affected them and others as well as giving them skills for managing their own wellbeing.

In the second week onwards each day will be split into three sessions. One session will supplement their work from the first week with additional activities which will support wellbeing. The second and third sessions will be working to make themselves ready for continued learning after the summer break. This will focus on the essential skills of literacy and numeracy. Pupils will be working to improve their abilities in literacy and numeracy through a range of carefully prepared tasks and activities prepared by highly skilled and specialist teachers. We will be building in resilience and independence in with these sessions as well in order to support distance learning.

With blended learning likely to continue beyond the summer we are mindful that pupils need to continue working on their distance learning work to supplement the one day a week pupils are in school. Pupils will continue to be set work on Microsoft Teams, however, knowing that pupils are in once a week they may opt to focus on non-core subjects.

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