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Dear Parents and Carers - Letter - 25th June 2020

This will be the final time I write to you before we further open our doors to all pupils. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the overwhelming number of emails and responses of support for our plans for wider opening. This has been a mammoth task as I am sure you are aware, a task which has called for every part of the school to be reorganised and changed so that we are as safe as we possibly can be. No stone has been left unturned in this process and I am fully satisfied that we are fully compliant with the COVID-19 guidance and also ready to deliver high quality pastoral and academic catch-up sessions to our pupils.

Over the past week we have also received several questions about next week and clarification on a few points. Below is a summary of the questions and corresponding answers.


Q: Will every pupil receive a free meal even if they are not in receipt of free school meals?
A: Yes, all pupils will be entitled to a free meal everyday they are in school.


Q: Will my son/daughter be able to bring a bag into school?
A: The advice we have received is to limit the items pupils bring into school. This will minimise any potential virus spread as there will be fewer belongings and surfaces that can be touched. Pupils wishing to bring in their own lunch, medication or other essential items are asked to do so in a disposable plastic bag. We would like pupils to also bring in a pen/pencil and a water bottle. If any pupil cannot carry these items without the need for a small disposable bag then we will allow them to bring one in. Any stationery brought into school can be kept in the pupil’s packs that will remain in their allotted classroom.


Q: Does my son/daughter have to bring in hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes?
A: No, these are completely optional. If they do choose to bring them in then please try to make sure they are pocket sized so they can be stored and transported easily. The school will provide all of these items in large quantities around the school.


Q: Why are Year 10 in twice a week but the rest of the year groups are in only once?
A: Due to the need for Year 10 to prepare and catch up on their GCSE studies, Year 10 are having as much time as possible in school to help them catch up. The letter sent out to all pupils returning was for first day arrangements. The arrangements for their second day and all other days after this are exactly the same.


Q: Will the arrangements for pupils be the same for weeks 2 and 3?
A: Yes, all arrangements will be same except for the end time of the school day. In the first week pupils will leave after lunch, in weeks 2 and 3 pupils will begin to leave at 2.15pm onwards Q: Will the transport arrangements be the same as before lockdown? A: All students who are eligible for school transport will be picked up and dropped off on their allocated day(s). Denbighshire pupils will be contacted directly by DCC to explain any differences in pick-up point or time. Only pupils who have requested and are eligible for transport will be allowed on the bus. Flintshire pupils will not be contacted directly by FCC but I have been advised that the pick-up points will remain the same but as the school day starts a little later the buses will arrive 10-15 mins later. Again, only pupils who have requested and are eligible for transport will be allowed on the bus. Please note that those students accessing the key worker/vulnerable student hub will not have access to this transport. School transport is running at a greatly reduced capacity. Students who normally pay to access the Voel bus from Dyserth etc., will now not have access to this bus.


If there are any other questions that you have before your son or daughter returns to school, please contact the school for further guidance. I wish you all well and I look forward to seeing all of our pupils retuning next week.


Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA. Pennaeth

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