Lunch and breaktime – Please bring a coat to school

Dear Parent/ Carer,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these unpredictable times. To keep the school safe and secure during this challenging period, it is necessary to work within our current strict, Covid-19 parameters and risk assessment. These measures involve keeping our year groups in ‘bubbles’ and not allowing them to mix. Each year group has its own designated area during breaktime and lunch so that they can get fresh air during their free time. Due to the limited space inside the school we have to use all of the outdoor spaces to keep the pupils apart. This also means that they are separated during their allocated time in the diner, when one year group moves into the diner, another year group goes outside.

As the weather turns against us, we will still need to utilise all of the outdoor spaces to keep the bubbles apart unless the weather is extreme. Only on occasions of heavy rain or other similar weather conditions will we bring the pupils in from their designated outdoor space. I request that all pupils bring a coat to school so that they can stay warm whilst outside. I ask all parents to remind your son/ daughter to bring a coat with them to school.


Yours faithfully,

Mrs Claire Turner
Deputy Headteacher

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