Updated information on school transport

Denbighshire County Council have recently updated their school transport protocols. Please note that this protocol could be affected by changes to national guidance.

It is the parents’ responsibility:


  • To ensure pupils do not travel on school transport if anyone in the household has COVID-19 symptoms.
  • To ensure your child has a supply of face coverings before travelling each morning and afternoon. Your child must wear a face covering unless medically exempt. Pupils will not be permitted to board the vehicle if they are not wearing a face covering.
  • To acknowledge zero tolerance for poor behaviour on transport. Any pupil who demonstrates poor behaviour, and puts the safety of others at risk, will have transport withdrawn with immediate effect.
  • To ensure pupils sanitise their hands before leaving home to board their vehicle.
  • Remind learners they must board and alight transport in single file and 2 metres apart.
  • Remind pupils they must follow any instructions by their driver and try and minimise the number of surfaces they touch.
  • To ensure they have a contingency in places should the transport not arrive e.g. if a driver is unwell at short notice.


Additional information:

  • A bin will be made available to dispose of face masks.
  • All coaches are to load in the morning and afternoon back to front and unload front to back once at school.
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