Download the Ballot Paper - Parent Lts & Ballot Paper - May 2022

 The parents named on the attached ballot form have been nominated for the two vacancies on the governing body. It is therefore necessary for an election to take place.


I should be grateful if you would:

a) Place an X in the box opposite the name of the parents for whom you wish to vote.

PLEASE NOTE: You may only vote for two parents.

 b) Place the completed ballot form in an unmarked envelope which you should seal and place in a second envelope on which you should put your name and address and child’s name and form group and then place your signature across the sealed flap. This double envelope system enables the school to check the eligibility of those who have voted. The unmarked envelope will then be placed in the ballot box, ensuring that your vote remains secret.


c)Please return your ballot slip to the school by 1.00pm on Thursday 12th You may bring your ballot paper to the school personally – there will be a ballot box in the school main office from Monday 9th May – or if you wish, you can post it in the letter box outside the main school office at the front of the building.


The votes will be counted at the school on Thursday 12th May after 1.00pm in the presence of an independent person.

Ballot papers not submitted strictly in accordance with a. and b. above will be excluded from the count.


The result of the election will be notified to the candidates following the count and will also be posted on the school’s web site.

Yours sincerely

Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA.

Pennaeth Headteacher

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