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Due to current COVID restrictions we are unable to open our doors to you this year. Alternatively we will be showcasing our school virtually.

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A Message from the Headteacher

Prestatyn High School is a transformational school. The outstanding results we achieve for pupils and students, coupled with the first-rate pastoral care we provide, make us an excellent place to grow, develop and gain an education that will prepare young people for the rest of their lives. The school is also transforming the building too! We are working hard to make sure that our facilities are renewed so that all learners can work and develop in a modern, effective environment. These improvements include the new state-of-the-art science labs and the refurbishment of all of our sports facilities. We are exceptionally proud of the work that we do with our pupils and students, and I look forward to welcoming our next cohort of Year 7s so that they can enjoy their time in education and thrive in this academic environment. I am delighted to welcome you to our great school, and I am honoured to be the Headteacher of such a vibrant and successful school.

Mr North Head of Year 7

Hello and welcome.
I am really looking forward to you joining us for the next stage of your life here at Prestatyn High School.
In-person tours are available from the 5th-14th of October.
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Q&A from Year7

Listen to what Year 7 have to say about Prestatyn High School.
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School Prospectus

This prospectus includes information about the school and supplements the school promotional video.
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Maths Music Languages Drama Product Design IT English Science History Food Technology Welsh Dance Geography RE Art PE Animal Care ALN Vocational Subjects


Welcome to Prestatyn High School’s Maths department. In the maths department, we have 12 different classrooms, all equipped with interactive projectors. We have 12 maths teachers who deliver exciting lessons to our students. As well as the GCSEs in Mathematics and Numeracy, Prestatyn High School’s Maths Department also offers Additional Mathematics in year 11 to stretch and challenge our top mathematicians. We also offer A-Level maths to our sixth form pupils. We get our students involved in the UKMT challenges each year and have given our learners opportunities to take part in maths masterclasses. Thanks for taking a look at the maths department, we hope to see you next year.


The Music department at Prestatyn High strives to develop the students as people. This is achieved by bringing the students into contact with the fundamental activities of listening, appraising, performing and composing. These activities are interdependent and inter-related in a well-balanced curriculum which emphasises the practical and creative aspects through a structured and progressive course.


Learn a new language


The Creative Arts Department (Drama) at Prestatyn High School is a student-centered department whose focus is on the arts through drama, music, dance and art. View the short clip below to view our Drama Dept.



Product Design

Product Design enables pupils to design and make products with creativity and originality. Students will have the opportunity to use a range of workshop equipment from a range of machines such as the lathe, laser cutter and 3D printer. Pupils will be given the chance to test and work with different materials and techniques. Click the video clip below to see more


At Prestatyn High we understand that every pupil comes to us with a different, skill and ability level which is why in Year 7 ICT we focuse on developing functional skills at all levels. The importance of technology in our modern world cannot be understated and developing key skills early on allow pupils to success later on.

Click on the video clip. Learn how to code a much more!


Welcome to the English Department


Our newly refurbished Science labs provide pupils with a an excellent learning environment.


The History Department aims to make the study of History relevant and engaging to its students to foster independent learning in order to encourage confident and thoughtful young people to take an interest in the world around them.

Food Technology

During Food Technology our pupils are taught the importance of healthy eating and the principles of nutrition. Making a range of predominately savoury dishes, pupils are encouraged to explore flavours and textures whilst learning a variety of cooking techniques. Click the clip for more information


At Prestatyn High School we aim to develop every pupil’s ability to communicate through the medium of the Welsh language and to develop an interest in Wales, Welsh culture and the language.

The ability to communicate effectively through the medium of Welsh is an increasingly important vocational qualification in fields such as local government, public services, the health services, the media, tourism and education. We believe that the knowledge they gain through learning the language contributes to their general education as well as giving all pupils an enhanced opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the society in which they live. Where possible Pupils are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities such as a range of Urdd activities.


The Creative Arts Department (Dance) at Prestatyn High School is a student-centered department whose focus is on the arts through music, dance and art. View the short clip below to view our Dance Dept.


We want students to develop a sense of responsibility for the world around them and give them the confidence to acknowledge that they can contribute on a daily basis in many different ways to the world they live in.


Studying RE at Prestatyn High helps students to understand other people’s beliefs, actions and values, while also helping students to decide what values are important to them and why. .


Art and Design focuses on the development of technical skill and contextual understanding. Pupils practise art though a number of varied starting points, including themselves, their experiences, nature and the manmade environment.


Physical Education has a unique contribution to the development of each individual through the physical, emotional, moral and social development within a school. We give opportunities for pupils to experience new and existing activities where they can take responsibility for their own and other pupils’ learning. In addition to physical skills and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the subject also develops social skills including inter and intra personal skills, teamwork, empathy, motivation and leadership.

Animal Care

Pupils get the opportunity to feed, water, groom, handle and health check over 30 animal species including goats, lizards, snakes, rabbits, rats and more. You will be able to study topics; including animal health, behaviour, accommodation and handling.


At Prestatyn High School we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and believe that all pupils have the right to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.The Additional Learning Needs Team consists of a group of highly qualified and dedicated teachers and teaching assistants who support pupils with difficulties in a variety of ways.

Vocational Subjects

Welcome to the Applied Learning Department at Prestatyn High School. We currently deliver the following courses Public Services, Business, Travel and Tourism, Economics, Health and Social Care and Childcare and The Welsh Baccalaureate. When you chose your options in Year 9 you will have the opportunity to learn about the skills and qualities needed to work within these sectors. You will also take part in extracurricular activities such as visits to Kinmel Camp, Manchester Airport and many others. We look forward to you starting at Prestatyn High School in September 2022.

Contact the School Transition Officer

The school Head of Year 7 and supports your child in their transition from Year 6 to Year 7. You’ll also see our Transition Officer at school parent evenings and school events.
Your school Transition Officer is: Mr D North - Head of Year 7

01745 852312


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