Qualification type: Level 3 GCE AS & GCE A
In Chemistry, we will study new materials that will change the way we live in the future. You will look at green chemistry and the ways chemists are playing a pivotal part in overcoming the significant environmental problems we are facing. You will look at the role of chemistry in providing substances which you use or buy every day. A-level will appeal to students who wish to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the concepts of chemistry and the way in which the principles of chemistry are applied in everyday life. Your practical skills will develop, as we carry out more complex practical work. Key areas of theory work include - the structure of the atom; reversible reactions; organic chemistry; energy in reactions and rates of reaction.


Progression routes: Further study in Chemistry or a Science degree such as chemical engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, and forensic science. Careers are wide and varied, for example: industrial chemist; health service professional; food scientist; oil industry professional; patent law; research and many others.


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