Welsh Baccalaureate - Advanced WBQ Skills Challenge

Qualification type: Level 3 GCE AS & GCE A
The Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (SCC) has been designed to enable learners to acquire and apply a range of complex Essential and Employability skills in different settings and context. It will provide experiences which support other subjects and will enable learners to be better prepared for their future destination, whether university, further training or employment.


The 7 skills involve complexity; they are multi-faceted including many different but connected parts. These skills are assessed across the 4 components: Enterprise and Employability Challenge, Global Citizenship Challenge, Community Challenge and the Individual Project. Learners must pass all components and the marks are totalled to provide a grade A*, A, B, C, D, E, U equivalent to an A level. This is the grade that will be included in UCAS offers.


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