Qualification type: Qualification type: Level 3 GCE AS & GCE A
The History course focuses on two main historical periods, determined by individual centres from a list published by the examination board. Some of the units are based on source evaluation skills and others on application of knowledge through explanations and evaluative essays. The type of person who will succeed on this course will need to have good literacy skills, an inquisitive nature, an ability to critically analyse evidence and be able to write at length. Above all a passion for the subject and a high level of interest in history is crucial!


Progression routes: There are hundreds of opportunities and careers available within this sector. Study at degree level in History, Archaeology, Law, Politics, English or Museum Studies. History is also desirable in other subject areas because of the transferable skills it fosters such as research, analysis and extended essay writing. Possible careers include teaching, journalism, the civil service, police and the law amongst others.