Qualification type: Level 3 GCE AS & GCE A
Biology provides a wide breadth of knowledge which touches on aspects of a variety of topics. Specific topics covered include evolution, nutrition, genetics, respiration, ecology, reproduction and parasites. The study of biology will develop your appreciation and knowledge of these issues and their implications, as well as providing you with an insight into the living world. Biology encompasses the study of many exciting topics and is never far from the headlines, whether it is the sequencing of the Human Genome, the spread of AIDS, pollution due to human influences, the answer to food shortages. Biologists are concerned with all these issues..


Progression routes: Further or higher education in areas of Biology such as Medicine, Veterinary Science, Biomedical Sciences, Nursing or Degree course. Careers in medicine, dentistry, medical research, nursing, midwifery, environmental sciences, physiology, teaching etc.