Subject: Esports

Subject Leader: Miss J Heggs

Qualification: BTEC Level 2

Examination Board: Pearson

What is Esports? 
Esports (or electronic sports) is a term used to describe competitive video gaming. It’s different from standard video gaming in that esports is competitive (human-vs-human) and usually has an engaging spectator element to it, like traditional sports.
Course Content: 
This qualification is a new, exciting and ground-breaking qualification as it is the first of its kind in the world. It has been developed in partnership with British Esports Association with industry specific relevant content.
The esports industry is a fast-growing global industry. Esports is defined as organised competitive gaming, which is human versus human, either as individuals or in teams. This suite of qualifications includes a breadth of transferrable skills that enable learners to experience esports in different areas to aid their progression to employment, directly or via further study. Esports offers a unique opportunity to deliver a curriculum that teaches concepts in the context of multiple skills and subject areas at once. It provides an opportunity for alignment of social, physical, mental and financial skills into one qualification to deepen and expand learning, skills which are highly valued in the changing and fluid workplace. Learners must apply strategy, skill and teamwork to be successful.
How you will be assessed:
100% coursework
How will you learn:
Learners taking this qualification will study two mandatory units:
  • Unit 1: Esports Games, Teams and Tournaments
  • Unit 2: Establishing an Esports Organisation.
Unit 1
In this unit you will investigate the different types of esports games giving examples of specific games in each genre. You will explore the professional esports teams that play these games and how they focus on physical and mental health as well as their game play. You will also explore the national and international tournaments and leagues in which they compete.
Unit 2:
In this unit, you will investigate global organisations and the ways they use their brands to achieve their objectives worldwide. You will develop and create your own brand and merchandise, as well as establishing your very own esports organisation. You will also design a logo that will be used as the face of the brand and organisation.

Job ideas:
Roles in Esports: Professional player/Coach, Shoutcaster/Host Analyst, Journalist, Observer, Admin (Refree) Broadcaster, Social Media Manager, Streamer/Influencer and Video Editor/photographer
Careers in Tech/Digital Tech/STEM: Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Solutions, Software Development, Software Engineering and Mobile Technologies.
General roles: Marketing, PR, Events Management, Social Media, Business development and Media.

For further information see:  Miss J Heggs


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