Subject: Science (Triple)

Head of Department: Mrs M Morecombe

Qualification: GCSE Triple Award Science (equivalent to 3 GCSEs)

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content: 
Science is compulsory at GCSE but students will be selected for this Science course and this will be one of their options, leaving them only with two choices for other GCSEs.
The course consists of two units of work and one practical assessment for each of the three Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Each subject will be taught by specialist teachers. Practical skills will be taught along side the theory.
Written examinations will be taken at the end of Year 10 and Year 11. In addition to this there will be three practical assessments, usually taken in Year 11.
Topics covered will include: cells, organ systems, ecosystems, homeostasis, micro-organisms, chemical substances, reactions, essential resources, chemical bonding, application of chemical reactions, organic chemistry, electricity, energy, waves, forces, space and reactivity.


How you will learn:
You will have already started GCSE work in each of the three Sciences in Year 9. You will learn through a mixture of theory and practical lessons. Students will carry out specified practical tasks and have some experiments demonstrated to them.
How you will be assessed:
Unit 1 for each science is a written paper, 105 minutes in length, which will be undertaken at the end of Year 10. This is 45% of the grade for each individual Science. Unit 2, which is taken at the end of Year 11, is another written paper 105 minutes in length. This is also 45% of the grade for each individual science. The remaining 10% for each science will be assessed through a practical assessment.
Your progress will be tracked throughout the course by regular tests.
Additional information: Science at GCSE will prepare students for post 16 courses (A levels in Biology, Chemistry & Physics and BTEC level 3 applied Science).
Additional information:
A revision guide will be made available for you to purchase to support your learning.
Science at Higher GCSE prepares you to go on to any of our post 16 A level courses. A higher grade pass at GCSE, higher or foundation prepares you to go on to the BTEC level 3 Applied Science.

Job ideas:
This course in particular will prepare those students who are intending to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary science at university or those who wish to study pure sciences.

For further information see:  Mrs M Morecombe


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