Subject: French

Head of Department: Mrs V Vick

Qualification: BTEC in Global Business and Communication

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content:
If you enjoy languages and want to use them in the world of work, this is the course for you!
The vocational Level 1/Level 2 award in Global Business Communication is a vocational MFL qualification that will develop the learner's ability to work more effectively in the global economy.
This qualification is designed to create independent learners who will not only develop skills associated with language learning such as; communication skills, literacy, problem solving and, creativity, but also gain an understanding of the personal benefits of language competence and the importance of cultural awareness in the world of work.
Learners will develop skills in the foreign language to be able to undertake activities such as:
  • International work and travel
  • Building global customer relationships
  • Global sales and marketing
How will you learn:
You will develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through a variety of activities including pair work, group work, and independent study. You will use a wide range of resources, including online videos and webpages, magazines and textbooks, as well as interactive learning resources and games. You will have opportunities to discuss issues, give presentations and to write for a variety of purposes.
How you will be assessed:
Unit 1 – Global Opportunities (Internal Assessment)
- Understand the importance of languages for an individual and for business
- Be able to research job opportunities in French
- Be able to apply for jobs in French
- Understand work-related information in French


Unit 2 – Global Travel (External Assessment end of Year 11)
- Know the factors that need to be considered when travelling globally
- Be able to plan work related travel in French
- Be able to make work related travel arrangements in French
- Understand travel information in French


Unit 3 – Global Customer Relationship (Internal Assessment)
- Understand the importance of developing global customer relationships
- Be able to understand customer enquiries and complaints in French
- To be able to make/respond to customer enquiries and complaints in French
- To be able to develop positive customer relationships in French
Unit 4 – Global Sales and Marketing (Internal Assessment)
- Understand the benefits of developing a global market
- Understand how companies can promote their products/services in French
- Be able to market a product/service in French
- Present sales and marketing information in French
Additional information / skills:
Language learners are: Good communicators - Problem solvers - Computer literate - Work well individually or as a team.

Job ideas:
Knowledge of a language can enhance your job and career prospects. Career paths include:
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Leisure Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Import and Export
  • Tourist Services
  • Customer Service
  • Technology/IT

For further information see:  Mrs V Vick


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