Subject: Welsh Baccalaureate The Skills Challenge - Options (Compulsory)

Head of Department: Mrs P Hill

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content: 
The emphasis in the Welsh Baccalaureate is on applied learning, i.e. acquiring and applying a range of transferable skills. Learners will develop skills in the context of purposeful tasks and appropriate knowledge and understanding. Offering a learning experience relevant to the needs and demands of the workplace will develop learners' confidence, drive initiative, preparing them to enter, succeed and progress in the world of work.
Learners will raise their skills levels and confidence, enabling and empowering them to take their place as responsible and active citizens in a diverse society.
Alongside and through the development of skills, the course provides learners with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of society, the community in which they live and awareness of global issues, events and perspectives.
The Skills Challenge Certificate consists of four components, which are followed by all learners:
  • individual project;
  • enterprise and employability challenge;
  • global citizenship challenge;
  • community challenge.
The combined outcomes of the four components will determine whether the Skills Challenge Certificate is awarded at National and Foundation level.
How you will learn:
Through a combination of formal lessons, mentoring sessions and individual/group activities and events.
The Welsh Baccalaureate qualification actively promotes independent learning and some emphasis is placed on enabling students to show motivation and initiative to develop themselves as active learners.
How you will be assessed:
There are no formal examinations for the Welsh Baccalaureate. The projects are completed under controlled assessment conditions.
Additional information / skills:
The Welsh Baccalaureate aims to enable learners to develop and demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency in essential and employability skills. These are the skills that employers and next stage educators value and which learners need for learning, work and life.
The seven essential and employability skills are:
  • literacy;
  • numeracy;
  • digital literacy;
  • critical thinking and problem solving;
  • planning and organisation;
  • creativity and innovation;
  • personal effectivness.
The Welsh Baccalaureate will:
  • enable learners to consolidate and formalise learning of skills;
  • provide a theoretical underpinning of knowledge and techniques related to skills;
  • encourage reflection, analysis and articulation of the learner's own proficiency in the skills;
  • engage learners in exploring, developing, practicing and applying the skills;
  • increase confidence and effectiveness in the use and application of the skills in a range of meaningful and 'real-life' context and purposes.

Job ideas:
The Welsh Baccalaureate enables students to develop the skills and attitudes which will be of benefit in any future employment or walk of life.

For further information see:  Mrs P Hill


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