Subject: Music

Head of Department: Mrs H Bennett

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content:
The course is designed to offer students a broad and interesting course based on the three primary musical activities of Performing, Composing and Listening. It is taught through four areas of study:
  • Musical  Forms and Devices
  • Musical for Ensemble
  • Film Music
  • Popular Music
Students will be required to reach Grade 3 standard on an instrument or voice for the performance exam and the use of technology is encouraged for the composition folio. Students will be expected to take part in extra-curricular music and to facilitate this, peripatetic instrumental / voice lessons are offered at a reduced price to GCSE students. (Pupils must attend extra-curricular sessions to qualify.)
How will you learn:
  • listening to and appraising music from a wide range of genres;
  • performing as a class or small group;
  • specialist instrumental/ voice lessons;
  • strategies for developing and refining ideas for compositions;
  • use of computer software / multi-track recording techniques to write/record compositions;
  • preparing for concerts both in school and within the community;
  • going to concerts;
How you will be assessed:
  • performance exam, solo and ensemble 35%;
  • composition folio  35%;
  • listening paper 30%.
Additional information / skills:
The music course gives students an opportunity to adopt ‘skills for life,' not only in ‘Performance’ but also in personal, social and communication skills.

Job ideas:
Classical/rock performer, professional singer, musician in the armed forces, conductor, sound engineer, music therapist, classroom teacher, peripatetic instrumental/voice teacher, music librarian, broadcasting, publishing, record business, advertising, agent, arts promotion, choreographer, composer/song-writer, cruise-ship entertainer, DJ, film music editor, music instrument maker, musician, music journalist, radio producer, music retailer.

For further information see:  Mrs H Bennett


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