Subject: RE - Options (Compulsory)

Head of Department: Mrs K Garside

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content: 
This course explores the relevance of religious beliefs, values and traditions. The GCSE course will explore Christianity and Hinduism, and will include units on religion, philosophy and ethics, including:
Relationships – Why get married? Is it OK to use contraception? What causes divorce? What is the Big Bang theory?
Life and Death – Is there an afterlife? Is it ever right to take a life?
Good and evil – What causes suffering? What are the aims of punishment?
Human Rights – Why do they matter? The work of Martin Luther King.
How you will learn:
In lessons you will experience a variety of learning opportunities including:
Thinking skills - Decision making exercises - Class debates - Circle time - Active learning, re-enacting marriage ceremonies - Internet research, virtual tours of places of worship and pilgrimage - Group work to produce displays on topics such as suffering in the news - Religion in the media, exploring religious themes in the Simpsons, soap operas and movies.
How you will be assessed:
Two written examination papers: one to be taken at the end of Year 10, the second at the end of Year 11.
Additional information / skills:
Students will develop knowledge  and understanding of religious and non religious beliefs, such as atheism and humanism.
The course provides opportunities for students to learn and understand more about the world and how religion affects society, enabling them to become thoughtful and engaged citizens.
Religious studies is NOT about making you ‘religious’ – it is about enabling you to think for yourself about religious, social, moral, political and cultural issues.

Job ideas:
The course will give a good grounding for many careers that require an understanding of other cultures, and an insight into ethical and moral issues. These include medicine, social work, the police, health service professionals, lawyers, teachers, management training, customer services, journalism.

For further information see:  Mrs K Garside


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