Subject: Science Double - Options (Compulsory)

Head of Department: Mrs M Morecombe

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content: 
Double award GCSE Science is compulsory for all students from 2016 onwards. It is a single course taken over two years but is worth 2 GCSEs.
The course consists of 7 units of work; 2 of Biology, 2 of Chemistry, 2 of Physics and one practical skills unit.Each unit is worth 15% of the final qualification except the practical test which is worth 10%. Each subject will be taught by specialist teachers. Practical skills will be taught along side the theory. Examinations at the end of Year 10 and more at the end of Year 11 give you the marks needed for your final GCSE grades. Topics studied will include: Cells, Respiration, Digestion, Ecology, Atomic structure, Types of chemical reactions, Electricity, Waves, Genetics, Evolution, Disease, Astronomy, Radiation, Laws of motion, Acids, Metals and Crude oil.
How you will learn:
You have already started the GCSE work in Year 9, so you have a pretty good idea of how the lessons are structured. As well as being expected to make your own notes in an exercise book, you will be provided with work booklets for each topic. These contain both information and practice questions. You will carry out experiments and participate in demonstrations.
How you will be assessed:
Examinations of 60 minutes length in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be undertaken at the end of Year 10 and together account for 45% of the final grade. Another 45% will be assessed by three more examinations which will be taken at the end of Year 11 and the remaining 10% of the marks will be assessed by a practical test in Year 11.
Examination papers will be taken at either Foundation or Higher tier, depending upon which is the most suitable.
You progress will be tracked throughout the course by regular tests.
Additional information:
Science at Higher GCSE prepares you to go on to any of our post 16 A level courses. A higher-grade pass at GCSE, higher or foundation, prepares you to go on to the BTEC level 3 Applied Science.

Job ideas:
Science is a core subject and all students in Wales are required to study for 2 GCSEs at Key Stage 4. This is because scientific skills are useful in all jobs and careers.

For further information see:  Mrs M Morecombe


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