Subject: History

Head of Department: Mr G Bennett

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content:
History teaches us what it means to be human. It provides pupils with a record of human achievement and experience, improves judgement, supports cultural understanding, identity and dialogue; it makes us better thinkers. In choosing History, you will complete a controlled assessment on British history as well as the 3 examination modules listed below.
1. Crime and Punishment -
2. The USA: A Nation of Contrasts
3. Depression, War and Recovery
How will you learn:
  • analysing and evaluating;
  • different historical;
  • interpretations;
  • using historical evidence to;
  • help you find out about the past;
  • considering the contribution;
  • made to society by key individuals;
  • using a range of materials;
  • such as ICT, written and visual sources, artefacts and music;
  • own independent research.
How you will be assessed:
Three units will be examined, the fourth will be a controlled assessment. One exam and the controlled assessment unit will be completed in Year 10, which is half of the GCSE.
Additional information / skills:
The study of History will help you to consider and appreciate the experience and perspective of others, the ability to identify, respond to and influence social, moral and political challenges and situations.

Job ideas:
Antique trade, archaeologist, archive work, author, barrister, heritage work, museum work, history teacher, journalist, librarian, security service (MI5 & MI6), solicitor, tour guide.

For further information see:  Mr G Bennett


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