Subject: Digital Technology

Head of Department: Miss R Haydock

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content: 
The Digital Technology course is a broad-based qualification that allows learners to build on the digital skills, knowledge and understanding that is used both in their school and everyday lives. The qualification will allow learners to develop their understanding of the range of digital technology systems at use in our connected and globalised society. It will also allow learners to explore the ever-evolving nature of digital technology systems and how these systems can be used productively, creatively and safely.


How you will learn:
  • you will be taught to use several software packages through interactive and engaging lessons. You already possess many of the skills required through computer use at home and in school;
  • theory lessons will be delivered using a variety of resources to ensure maximum interest and understanding.
How you will be assessed:
Coursework -  Two Non-exam assessments (NEAs) over the two years. Unit 2 involves the use of spreadsheets, webpage, animation and game creation; it is worth 40% of the qualification. Unit 3 focuses on marketing digital assets using social media and is worth 20% of the qualification
Examinations - Unit 1 ‘The digital world’ an on-screen examination worth 40% of the qualification covering content related to digital technology systems, the value of digital technology and perspectives on digital technology.
Additional information:
This qualification replaces the GCSE ICT course and incorporates skills that were taught in the previous qualification with updated digital technology skills that are used every day in this digital era. Many of the skills that you already possess will help you be successful on this course and virtually every skilled job involves the use of digital technologies in some way; this course will give you a recognised qualification in this area.

Job ideas:
The qualification is designed for learners who wish to begin their journey towards a career that utilises digital technologies such as animation, graphic design, web design, sales, marketing, systems analyst or software developer to name but a few. It will also help learners who wish to progress onto advanced level programmes of learning involving digital technologies.

For further information see: Miss R Haydock


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