Subject: Drama Subject Teacher: Miss E Southall

Head of Department: Mrs H Bennett

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content:
GCSE Drama is all about understanding what it is like to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You will learn many different drama techniques. You will have the opportunity to create your own work as well as look at plays written by other people. The course is in three parts:
  • use drama to express feelings and ideas about a range of issues;
  • look at a play to see how playwrights express their ideas about a theme or topic, and explore ways of making the play work on stage;
  • performance - you will have the choice of being involved in the performance of a play from a script or one you create yourself.
How will you learn:
  • work creatively and supportively with groups of varying sizes showing imagination and understanding;
  • adopt, sustain and develop a variety of roles with imagination and depth;
  • demonstrate a creative use of language, movement and space;
  • use drama form to explore issues;
  • discuss and evaluate the work, its meaning and form;
  • pupils will participate in teacher led workshops exploring the three units. Pupils will create a detailed portfolio of work to support their teacher assessed marks.
How you will be assessed:
UNIT ONE: Devising Theatre - 40%
Based on a theme, linked with a practitioner or genre. Candidates may choose either acting or a theatre design skill. Teachers record the work on DVD/Video. Internally assessed and externally moderated with task two.
Devised performance: 5-14 minutes
Supporting Evidence: 750-900 words
Evaluation: 1 hour 30 minutes
UNIT TWO: Performing Theatre (20%) External Assessment
Candidates will be assessed on either their acting or a theatre design skill, in a scene from a published play. Candidates to work in groups of between 2 to 5 members. No more than two additional design candidates per group, each working on a different skill.
Externally assessed by a visiting examiner in April/May. Two extracts from the same text combined: 5-12 minute performance.
UNIT THREE: Interpreting Theatre (40%)
Written Paper: 1½ hours
Candidates will be assessed on their ability to analyse one set text as an actor, designer and director and a live theatre review.
For further information see:  Miss E Southall


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