Subject: Sociology

Head of Department: Mrs K Garside

Qualification: GCSE

Examination Board: WJEC

Course Content:
The WJEC Eduqas GCSE in Sociology is designed to foster in learners an understanding and critical awareness of the social world around them. The specification focuses on the importance of social structure in explaining social issues. Learners will be encouraged to explore and debate contemporary social issues to enable them to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions and to question their everyday understanding of social phenomena. By following this course, learners will develop their own sociological awareness through active engagement with the contemporary social world. This specification will develop learners' ability to think sociologically in relation to their experience of the social world around them so that they are able to play a positive, active and informed role in society.
How will you learn:
This WJEC Eduqas GCSE specification in Sociology requires learners to:
  • apply their sociological knowledge, understanding and skills to develop an understanding of relationships and tension between social structures and individual agency within a UK and global context;
  • critically analyse information and use evidence in order to make informed arguments, reach substantiated judgements and draw conclusions;
  • use and apply their knowledge and understanding of how social structures and processes influence social control, power and inequality;
  • use sociological theories to understand social issues, debates, social changes and continuities over time;
  • understand and evaluate sociological methodology and a range of research methods;
How you will be assessed:
Year 10 Component 1: learners will consider how human beings acquire their identity and examine the process of passing on culture from generation to generation and in diverse settings.
Year 11 Component 2: learners will enhance their awareness of the social world through an examination of social structures and their influence on human behaviour.
Students will sit 2 examination papers at the end of year 11. These will be 1hr 45 minute papers on two seperate days.

Job ideas:
Social Services, Community Work, Law, Health Services, Business, Publishing and Teaching.

For further information see:  Mrs K Garside


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