English is the foundation for the study of all subjects.

A civilised society depends for its success on an informed population made up of people who can think for themselves and articulate their thoughts. At Prestatyn High School, we encourage our pupils to read widely and to develop mature and informed responses to their reading.

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Years 7-9 develop their skills in Speaking and Listening, Reading, and Writing, through Library lessons, drama and more formal classroom teaching. Through enjoyment of the English language, they develop and deepen their skills and understanding in preparation for the more formal curriculum at GCSE.

Key Stage 4

There are a number of options, and the course followed depends upon the strengths of the individual. Most pupils study for two GCSEs, one in English Language and one in English Literature. Some pupils follow a course leading to the award of a GCSE in English, and a small group each year study for an Entry Level Certificate in Functional Skills.

A Level

Please see the Sixth Form section of the Website


Pupils studying English are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Theatre trips, writer workshops, author talks, cinema trips, visiting theatre groups, competitions, themed days, a drama club and debates are examples of activities run by the department.



English Resources

Year 10/11 English Revision Booklet

Of Mice and Men Revision Guide

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Learning Plans

What is a Learning Plan?
When you see your son/daughters books you will find Learning Plans (currently only at KS4). These are photocopied onto blue paper and set out the learning that is being done in lessons, what the homeworks are and when assessments will take place.

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