Prestatyn High School – A level Results 2019

Prestatyn Sixth continues to develop high achievers’ year-on-year with 2019 being one of the most successful yet. Students at Prestatyn High are celebrating their successes following the publication of the 2019 A-level results. High aspirations and standards are having a marked impact on the great results our 6th formers have achieved. The A-level results for the class of 2019 have seen the overall pass rate remain consistently high for the second year running with many indicators seeing a marked increase.



Glen Vernon, Head of Prestatyn High Sixth Form said,

“These results are hugely significant for all concerned. The students and staff have worked extremely hard this year and I am delighted to see them rewarded”.

The vast majority of PHS students have achieved their potential and can now continue on to their University of choice or employment.  This reflects real dedication, commitment and the support their teachers, families and friends.


Mr Foley, Headteacher was absolutely delighted with the improved results and said

“Once again our students have performed at the highest level and achieved results that are truly outstanding. We expect the highest of standards from all students and staff so that all learners achieve their potential and yet again, our students have surpassed our expectations. They are a credit to the school, their families but most of all to themselves. They have done the hard work and now can go on and achieve their dreams”.







Our topAlevel and BTEC performers were – Molly Addison Distinction* Distinction* C C – Noah Bennett – A* A A B, Tom Davies – A A B B, Amy Gibbons – A* A* B B, Sarah Higham – A A A B, Lydia Hughes – A A A B, Tegan Hurst – A B Distinction C, Ellie Macdonald – A A A BJasmine Owens – Distinction* Distinction* BKatie Parry Distinction* Distinction* B, Holly Pike – A A B B, Tayla Rees – A A B B, Emily Campbell – Distinction* Distinction* B C,  Alex Holbrook – Distinction* Distinction* Distinction Distinction, Ryan Leadbetter – Distinction* Distinction Merit B, Millie O’Connor – Distinction* Distinction* Distinction B B, Jess Price – Distinction* Distinction C


Anyone interested in enrolling in the Prestatyn High School Sixth Form is invited to attend the school at 1.30pm on Monday 2nd September 2019.

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