Year 13s Leaving Date

Dear all parents, carers and Year 13 students
Download the letter - Y13 Leavers ltr
Earlier this week the Welsh Government announced that Year 13s may leave on the 28th May 2021, if the school is satisfied that all evidence for their CDGs has been generated. Following this announcement Prestatyn High would like to confirm that Year 13s can leave on the 28th May which is the last day before Whit half term begins.
In order for Year 13s to formally leave on this date students must:
Produce enough assessment evidence for each of their A levels so a true, fair and accurate CDG can be awarded.
Complete all BTEC, Welsh Bacc or similar vocational units fully so a true, fair and accurate CDG can be awarded.
Complete any other work fully as directed by their teachers so that all qualifications are completed to as high a standard as possible.
Attend any additional catch up sessions if directed by your subject teacher in order to complete a qualification.
Year 13s must also attend the Provisional CDG sharing meeting in early June (date to follow).
During the last week of term, the year 13 students will have the opportunity to say goodbye to their teachers, friends and the rest of Year 13. Refreshments and farewell activities will also be available during this time (details and date to follow).
Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA.
Pennaeth Headteacher
Sian Reed
Head of Sixth Form
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