5×60 – Battle of the Denbighshire schools!

The battle will consist of weekly challenges set out by your 5x60 Officers. Each challenge will last for 7 days, and a point will be given to each pupil posting a reply with proof of the completed challenge. (2 points will be given to any teacher taking on the challenges!)

Proof could be a simple video clip, a tik-tok video, or just a photo! Points will contribute to the pupil’s school, as there will be Primary and Secondary league table!

We are hoping these challenges will help to promote getting outside, being active, and keeping fit and healthy, which we feel is more important than ever at the moment, given the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The challenges will be open to any primary or secondary aged pupils in a Denbighshire school.

Our staff will keep log of scores and comments from participants, and will share the league standings weekly!

Challenges will be set out every Monday at 12 noon, starting on June 1st, and will finish every Sunday night. We have a list of challenges that will take us up to the start of the summer holidays.



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