GCSE English Language: Oracy Assessments

GCSE English Language: Oracy Assessments

As part of the GCSE English Language qualification, all Year 11 students are required to complete a group discussion. The assessment contributes to 10% of their final grade.

All students will be sitting the non-examination assessment during the week beginning the 9th of December. Due to the importance of this assessment, it is vital that all students attend school every day. To ensure that students are fully prepared, we will be completing vital preparation during English lessons. In addition, we will be offering extra intervention time in the lead-up to these assessments.

As part of the regulations linked to the qualification, it is compulsory for all students to be recorded. They must attend school on Thursday, 12th December and Friday, 13th December. If your son or daughter is absent from school during this time, they will have a significant impact on their own progress, as well as the progress of their fellow students. We will need a doctor’s note to verify any absences.

If you have any concerns regarding the above, please contact a member of the English Department. Alternatively, please contact Mrs. Baker (Head of Year) or Miss Jones (Assistant Head of Year).

Thank you for your support.

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