School Uniform Recycling Initiative

Don’t throw it away – reuse and recycle old school uniform.

Prestatyn High School are running a school uniform recycling initiative this summer. This is an opportunity for parents to donate any unwanted/outgrown uniforms in good condition so that they can be recycled and made available to other families.

During this summer term, a small group of Year 10 Welsh Bacc pupils will be helping to run the scheme as part of a Community Challenge volunteering project.

The Uniform Recycling Scheme aims to encourage the ex-pupils of Prestatyn High School to recycle and donate old school uniform items rather than putting them in the bin. There are many families across Denbighshire who would benefit from your generosity.

PHS Uniform Recycle Scheme

During the school summer holidays, parents often start to buy new uniform for next year and get rid of old. By recycling old school uniform, you could be helping families in your local community who may not be able to afford to buy new. Throwing anything in the general waste should always be a last resort as the majority of the time there is a more environmentally friendly option. Not only does making use of second-hand clothing have a fantastic impact on your pocket and on strengthening the community, but it also plays an essential role in sustaining our precious environment and protecting our natural resources. A win-win situation for everyone!

Simply drop off at the Main Office or email for more information:

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