ALERT: Phishing attempt

We are aware that some parents may have received suspicious emails from what appear to be Prestatyn High School email addresses ( / This is the result of a phishing/spam email that has been spreading around many companies, councils and schools around the country over the past week, which we are investigating.
These emails may appear to be about legitimate topics. However, the content usually just contains a blue button in the centre of the email with ‘Display message’.

We wanted to inform you of this – and to urge you to be extremely vigilant about any emails you may receive from what appears to be  Prestatyn High School staff or students, or indeed other organisations. If you are in any doubt about its legitimacy, please do not click on the links and delete the message.


What could the phishing email look like?
The email could be unique to the recipient, with different senders each time, and its title may relate to the school or organisation. There is generally no other text in the email, other than a blue link button, saying ‘Display message’:

This link redirects you to automatically log into your email account and can then send out further phishing emails to your contacts.
If you’ve received an email like this, delete the message – do not click the link.
Do not click on any links or open any unexpected attachments. If you think you have received this email or another suspected phishing email, or if you are concerned you have clicked on a suspicious link, please delete the email and reset your email password.
Top tips for spotting a phishing email:
• The email contains strange attachments or links
• The email contains links to unrecognized sites or URLs that misspell a familiar domain name
• A sense of urgency in the subject line or message
• The email contains poor spelling and grammar
• Personal information, urgent payment or a change to payment details is requested
• The email is addressed generically, as opposed to you personally
• Altered email address (i.e. >
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