HEADTEACHER – COVID rules update

Dear Parents and Carers,
On Monday 28th March, the laws on COVID-19 will change, and most of the regulations will be removed by Welsh Government. This will mean that self-isolation after a positive test for COVID-19 will no longer be required by law after a positive test for the virus. The guidance now asks people to isolate if they can, but it is not compulsory. Additionally, the requirement to routinely wear face coverings in public places has been removed in most settings.
What this means to schools is as yet unclear, as we are still awaiting guidance from Welsh Government as to how educational settings will operate. In the short term, we will continue with our current risk assessment and regulations until we get clear direction.
This means that we will continue to ask all pupils and staff to:
 wear face coverings when in communal areas such as corridors and the diner; and
 not come into school and self-isolate if they have tested positive or if they have the three classic symptoms of COVID-19.
This is a short-term request, but we cannot insist on this. We will also continue to ask all staff and pupils to practice good hand hygiene; this will be a measure that we will continue indefinitely into the future. The building and all classrooms will continue to be as well ventilated as possible and as infection safe as possible. We will continue with the additional cleaning staff and systems set up in school to keep everyone as safe as possible now and into the future.
Routine testing will cease on the 8th of April and LFD testing kits will no longer be issued by Welsh Government to schools after the 31st of March. All pupils and staff must continue testing until the end of term. Please ensure all pupils have enough tests (4) to get to Friday 8th April.
Assemblies and parental events can now take place without restriction and we cannot wait to see parents face to face and invite them into school. The first event to take place is the 6th Form evening next Tuesday 29th March, and we look forward to seeing all parents and prospective students then. We will advise parents and students to wear face coverings at this event and we will have plenty available.
We are definitely coming to the end of the restrictions put in place to protect us during the pandemic, but we are also clearly aware that the virus is still circulating widely all across Wales. Please join us in doing what we can to continue to protect each other whilst we return to some form of normality. Here at Prestatyn High School, we are all very proud of what we and the community have achieved over the past two years. We have not had to send multiple year groups home due to the virus or staff absence, and we have tried to do what we can to support all of our learners during these very challenging times.
I wish you all a very enjoyable and sunny weekend and I hope to see you all soon.
Best wishes and many thanks for your support
Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA. Pennaeth Headteacher
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