Strategaeth Iaith Gymraeg Sir Ddinbych 2022 -27 / Denbighshire Welsh Language Strategy 2022 -27

S'mae (hello)!


We’re seeking your views on what we should include in our Welsh Language Strategy for 2022-27.
The Welsh language is an important part of life for many people in Denbighshire. The Welsh language has legal status in Wales and our strategy is our way of ensuring we are doing what we can to make sure that the Welsh language can thrive and grow in Denbighshire.
The Council would be grateful if you could complete the consultation questionnaire. It is split into three sections:
  • About you – this will help us to understand which communities need the most support with the Welsh language and what challenges there are.
  • About your experiences with the Welsh language – this will help us to understand what the Welsh language means to you.
  • About our Welsh Language Strategy – this will help us to understand whether you think we are doing the right things to ensure that Welsh is a language that continues to be loved, supported and spoken in Denbighshire and whether we are doing the right things to improve awareness of the Welsh language and to increase the number of Welsh speakers locally
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