Assessment for GCSE, AS and A level exams 2022

Dear parent

It is a pleasure to see all our learners back in school and the vast majority working extremely hard in their lessons. Learners sitting external exams in the summer have faced unprecedented challenges and disruption, however, we are working hard with our learners to mitigate these challenges and ensure they are well prepared for their exams.


We have recently received communication from Qualifications Wales (Download qw-cc21-04e-lettertolearners-arrangementsfor2022 ) outlining their approach to summer exams; a copy of their letter has been emailed to you and is available on our website. The main points are as follows:


1. Welsh Government, Qualifications Wales and WJEC expect exams to go ahead as planned in the summer. To take into account the lost curriculum time due to the pandemic, the WJEC have made significant changes to each qualification. The qualification changes have been made following a consultation with schools and will enable learners to move on to their next stage of learning or employment. Heads of Department have amended their learning plans to ensure they are teaching the correct content and skills. Qualifications Wales and the WJEC have reassured schools that the grading process will be fair and that they will take into account the disruption experienced by learners.


2. If Covid cases continue to rise, and exam series are cancelled, there is a contingency plan in place. Schools will be asked to award grades based on the work completed by learners during their qualification. We await further guidance from Qualifications Wales but the evidence used might include:


• Summative Assessments, APPs and mock exams completed during the qualification.

• Completed Non-Examined Assessments / coursework.

• Classwork and homework completed during the qualification.


It is therefore essential that all our learners try their very best as teachers can only award grades that can be validated by work completed by our pupils and students. Now is the time for our learners to work harder than ever before and ensure their teachers are provided with enough evidence to award top grades if exams are cancelled.


We will continue to provide regular updates via our website and social media. If you have any specific questions please contact your son's/ daughter's Head of Year.


Yours faithfully,

Mr G Turner
Deputy Head

Miss S Reed
Head of 6th Form

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