2021 Qualifications – All you need to know

This is a learner resource that provides information on assessment arrangements in summer 2021 - 19-05-21-summer-2021-results_eng_new


Your school or college (what we refer to as your ‘centre’) will award your GCSE, AS and A level grades based on their judgement of your attainment in a subject. These are called Centre Determined Grades.


This means you should be able to move on to your next stage of learning or employment. Our guidance for centres, alongside detailed guidance from WJEC, has all the information schools and colleges need. It confirms which decisions teachers need to make, how they should make those decisions and what types of evidence they can use when they award grades for each qualification.


Centre determined grades are for Wales only approved qualifications, there are different arrangements for GCSE and A levels offered in England that are also taken by some learners in Wales. You can find out more about these on Ofqual’s website.

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