School Transport – Rhuddlan & Dyserth

Dedicated School Transport

Term Time Only -  Monday – Friday

Morning:Arrives PHS 08.30
Dyserth, Voel Depot 07.55
Rhuddlan, Rhyl Rd Bus Stop 08.00
King’s Head, Dyserth Rd Bus Stop 08.02
Princes Park Bus Stop 08.04
Dyserth, Tre Castell Bus Stop 08.10
Dyserth (Old Bank), High St 08.15
Pendre Farm Bus Stop 08.20
Gwelfor Park Bus Stop 08.23
Meliden Garage Bus Stop 08.25
Afternoon: Leaves PHS 15.10
Meliden Garage Bus Stop 15.13
Pendre Bus Stop 15.20
Tre Castell Bus Stop 15.25
Dyserth (Old Bank ) High Street 15.28
Grenville Ave, Dyserth Rd Bus Stop 15.33
Princes Park Bus Stop 15.35
Vicarage Lane / Treetops Bus Stop 15.37
Dyserth, Voel Depot  

Fare: £17.50 per week

From September 2020, the way we operate our bookings for school transport has changed. We will now only be accepting online bookings for the transport via our dedicated online booking system.

The website will offer a term transport ticket or the option of weekly. We recommend the Term as this will avoid missing out on the weekly allocation.  Booking will guarantee the seat.

The booking website can be reached by clicking this link, copy and pasting into your web browser or typing it into your web browser:


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