Face Coverings on School Transport

Dear all Parents, Carers and Pupils

In order for school transport to resume at full capacity after the period of school closure, Denbighshire County Council (DCC) made the decision that all students and pupils must wear a face covering when accessing their buses. This is to ensure the safety of all pupils accessing the transport whilst also protecting the drivers.


We as a school support this fully. During the school day we are able to keep all pupils within their ‘year group bubble’, but during transport to and from school, pupils may come into relatively close

contact with a pupil from another year group. Wearing a face covering and good hand hygiene will reduce the risk of the virus spreading and keep us all safe.


All of the measures the school and DCC are putting in place are to protect our school community.


I ask that all parents and pupils support us in this so that we can avoid a second school closure or partial closure. We do these things to protect the vulnerable and also protect the education of our young people.


Please see the Head of Year if any pupil does not have a face covering.


Many thanks with your support on this.


Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA.

Pennaeth Headteacher

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