Pupils and students phased return to school

Dear Parents/Carers

I do hope you all had some form of ‘normal’ summer break with your family and managed to get some rest and time for relaxation before we return back to school.

As outlined in my letter sent out in the last week of term, we will be returning to full capacity for all pupils and students as soon as possible. There will be a phased return over the first 2 weeks and we will have all year groups back for education everyday by the 10th September. Attendance to school will be compulsory by the 14th September and we would like to get back to full time teaching of our amazing pupils before this date.

The booklet that accompanies this letter will explain in detail how we will keep pupils and staff safe, how the school will be organised and how we will get back to full capacity. All of the planning is based on the latest guidance from Welsh Government. We have made sure that the health and safety of all pupils and staff is our top priority whilst also developing a system by which all pupils and students can return in September. The arrangements for all aspects of the school are included in this booklet so please read it carefully so that you know when your son or daughter returns to school, where they are to go and how their day will be structured.

We will deliver a full, broad and balanced curriculum to our pupils alongside a pastoral focus on learner wellbeing to help with recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. School will feel as ‘normal’ as possible with any changes for the pupils kept to a minimum.

This guidance document contains all of the new organisational arrangements on how we will operate in September.

The great response we received from all pupils, staff and parents during the last three weeks in July was exceptional and we will need a similar response for the new academic year so that we can all get through this difficult time without impacting the progress of our young people. The next academic year will bring challenges and difficulties, but if we come together once again as a community, we will not only rise to meet these challenges, we will be stronger when this is over.

If you have any questions please email prestatyn.high@denbighshire.gov.uk or contact the school through the normal channels and we will answer any of your questions or concerns.

I look forward to the new academic year and I am excited of what we can all achieve together.

Best wishes and I will see you all soon



Neil Foley

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