TEAMS – How to Guide

How do I get Microsoft TEAMS?

You can access from you desktop or mobile device. Microsoft Teams is now also available on iOS and Android mobile devices; you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

How does my son/daughter login to
their school Outlook 365 account?

To login please press the 'Login to Teams' button.
The email address is the year the pupil started at PHS, followed by their initial and surname. E.g. if Joe Bloggs was in year 7 it would be the password is the same as the one to log in to the school computers. Teams can be accessed by pushing the 9 dots in the top left corner. Every PHS pupil has a Free copy of Microsoft Office available to download once logged in.

Where do I find TEAMS once logged in?

In the top left corner you will find 9 dots – click on them

Apps will appear – click on the Teams app

This will take you to each teacher/subject

If you open the icon the assignments can be found

Most of them you can work on/edit, some you may need to convert to word.

To save and return the work:  click on the Add Work at the bottom of the page