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‘A Learning Pathway should promote inclusion by providing opportunities for all learners to have access to a broad and balanced range of experiences. This will enable all learners to develop the skills they need for life and work’.

Source: Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance - Welsh Assembly Government

Students' individual Learning Pathways will vary and should provide appropriate opportunities for each learner to develop their formal, non-formal and informal experience to meet their varied needs, aptitudes and interests. The school organises and is involved in the delivery of a range of such opportunities for students, but others might be accessed by students outside school.

14 – 19 Learning Pathways at Prestatyn High School Key Stage 4 (14-16 years) 14-19

Learning Pathways provides a framework by which learners can follow a National Curriculum which provides some choice for learners and is designed to meet their individual needs. At KS4 (Years 9,10&11) there is greater flexibility for students, though some subjects and experiences remain compulsory for all. In making their choices, students will select from a range of courses and should aim to develop their interests and strengths, taking full advantage of all the advice available to them from a wide range of sources.

Compulsory Subjects & The Learning Core

English, Numeracy, Science and Welsh Baccalaureate are compulsory for all. All students will study Double Award Science, counting for two GCSEs. Those with the necessary skills and aptitude will also have the opportunity to study English Literature as well as English Language at GCSE.

Physical Education, Religious Studies and Welsh must be taken by everyone. At Prestatyn High School, Religious Studies is taught as part of the Learning Core entitlement which includes aspects of Personal, Social and Moral Education. The skills, knowledge and experiences outlined in the Learning Core must be made accessible to all students. The means by which students achieve this will vary depending on the pathway chosen.

In addition to the Personal, Social, Moral and Religious Studies previously mentioned, the Learning Core also includes work related education and careers guidance and community participation.

The school will work with students and parents to ensure that the individual pathway chosen is the most suitable for each student and that the legal requirement of access to the Learning Core is met, in all cases, by maximising the effectiveness of curriculum time.

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