Child sexual abuse investigations: a guide for parents and carers

Stop it Now! is a campaign to help prevent child sexual abuse. They have produced a leaflet in both Welsh and English providing parents/carers with information about child sexual abuse investigations.

To access the leaflet please click on the following link and share the information as appropriate.

Child Sexual Abuse Investigations – A Guide for Parents/Carers.

Return dates for pupils and students from March 15th

Dear Parents and Carers,

Download this letter - March 5 return ltr

Download the information booklet - March booklet pupil_V3


I hope this letter finds you well and safe. We are at a time when we can begin to look forward to the future with some amount of optimism. The first stage of returning to normality is to get pupils and students back into lessons as quickly and safely as possible.

As outlined in my letter sent out earlier this week, we will be welcoming back learners from the 15th March. Years 11, 12 and 13 will return to full time education from this date so that they can focus on the critical task at hand, working with their teachers to that we can assess them fairly to determine their GCSE and A-level grades. We will also allocate specific days for other year groups to allow for the “catch-up” days as described by the Education Minister.

Once again, a booklet explaining the procedures and systems in place for their return will be issued to all pupils and students. Our plans are based totally on the guidance from the Welsh Government and we have made sure that the health and safety of all pupils and staff is at the centre of our planning, whilst also making sure we can get back to face to face teaching as soon as possible. We will continue to evaluate and amend our procedures and risk assessments as we review how successful the return to school has been.

Pupils and students will return in the following order from March 15th:

Key points for the 15th March and beyond


  • The main focus will be on exam classes and supporting them to achieve.
  • For the 2 weeks before Easter, the emphasis will be on catching up with Years 7, 8 and 9, checking their wellbeing and making sure they are ready for a full return in the new term.
  • The curriculum and timetable will return to normal for all pupils on the 12th April.
  • All pupils will continue to be taught where possible in the same classroom, with the teachers moving around the building
  • All classrooms will still have desks pointing in the same direction to minimise any spread of infection
  • PE lessons will take place just as they did before the lockdown.
  • Homework will continue to be set on Microsoft Teams reducing the need for books to be shared between staff and pupils

Health and Hygiene

  • The same rules apply around not attending school if a pupil shows any symptoms of Covid-19
  • The school will work closely with Denbighshire County Council on Test, Trace and Protect
  • The same strict hygiene measures will still be in place
  • The rules on washing hands and hand sanitisation will still be in place
  • Intensive cleaning of the school will continue to happen during the day and after school to reduce any risks
  • Where social distancing is not possible for pupils and students, facemasks are now to be worn in classrooms
  • Face masks of medical grade quality will be provided for all pupils and students. These will be washable and reusable
  • Face coverings are no longer required to be worn in outside areas as long as social distancing can be maintained
  • PPE has not been advised in schools except when administering first aid and for our cleaners


  • All members of staff will be tested twice a week using Lateral Flow tests. This testing regime will add an extra layer of protection within the school for all members of our community
  • Year 10 pupils and above will be tested twice a week using Lateral flow tests. We are yet to receive these tests so the start date and further information on how these tests will be administered will follow when we get more information. This may not begin until after the Easter break. Testing is not compulsory but we would like as many of our pupils and students to take up this offer to help protect us all


  • Each year group will continue to have their own point of entry/exit into/out of the school. The pastoral team will be at these doors to welcome each year group
  • Each year group will have their own designated toilet area which will be cleaned thoroughly throughout the day
  • All pupils will be expected to arrive for registration at 8.40am and school finishes at 3pm
  • Where possible, classes will not mix. Where this is not possible, mixing will be kept to a minimum
  • There will be a reduced menu at lunch in the diner and no food will be served at break time to Y7 to Y11. Sixth form students will have access to the diner at breaktime only. All payments will be made via ParentPay using the cashless system
  • Any pupil wishing to bring in their own food for lunch may do so
  • Pupils from different year groups will not mix at break or lunch. Pupils of the same year group will have break and lunch together and be able to socialise whilst maintaining social distancing
  • All pupils are to wear full school uniform
  • Our in-school hub provision will continue for the 2 weeks before Easter
  • Online learning will continue for year groups who are working from home
  • Water towers are still switched off. Pupils are asked to bring in their own water to last the day
  • Arrangements for 6th form students will be included in the information booklet
  • Transport for pupils will return as normal
  • We continue to encourage all pupils where possible to come to school by walking or cycling
  • Enrichment activities are still suspended for now but they will return at the earliest available opportunity
  • No adults can accompany pupils into school. Parental meetings will continue to take place by phone or remotely or by invite only into school


Please be aware that all plans are subject to change based on the infection rates in our community and direction from Welsh Government. The school will continue to be a very safe place when pupils and students return and I look forward to the 15th of March so that we can get back to educating our wonderful pupils. Please contact the school ( if you have any questions or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Best wishes

Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA.

Pennaeth Headteacher

Welsh Government announcement on reopening

Dear all parents and carers
Download the letter - 3rd March letter
I do hope you have kept as well as possible and have managed to cope with the current restrictions we are all under during this lockdown. Hopefully this will be the last lockdown and we can return to a much more normal way of life in the not too distant future.
Today, the Minister for Education made the formal announcement that secondary schools in Wales will begin to reopen to pupils and students from the 15th March 2021. Alongside this information on reopening, we have also received the latest operational guidance from Welsh Government on how to reopen as safely as possible.
I am sure lots of parents and learners have many questions and I will answer them fully over the next few days once we have worked through the latest guidance. I will write again to you all with clear plans on how the school will be set up, how we will be ready for our students and pupils return and any changes that will impact how the school will operate. Once our plans are in place we will communicate the latest changes to our risk assessments and operating procedures.
Please find a list of key pieces of information below which will help you understand the latest announcement from Welsh Government on reopening:
 All pupils and students in years 11 and 13 are to return to school on the week beginning 15th March. These classes are exam classes and they need as much time in school as we can manage so that they can gain the highest grades possible. Further detail on their return will be sent out this week.
 Some pupils and students in years 10 and 12 will begin to return to school on the week beginning 15th March. Some of these classes have exams this year and need as much time in school as we can manage so that they can gain the highest grades that they are capable of. The days these year groups will return will be decided and communicated as soon as possible.
 All other year groups will be able to access school for some catch up days before we break up for Easter on the 26th March. The rota of days these year groups will return will be decided and communicated as soon as possible.
 Online learning will still take place for pupils and students working from home whilst the school transitions and returns to full capacity.
 Our in -school hub provision will still continue for eligible pupils. The logistics and timings will be communicated with parents and carers as soon as we have had further advice from Welsh Government and DCC.
There have also been developments from Welsh Government on how to organise the school safely as pupils and staff return to class. I have listed the main changes to the guidance from Welsh Government below and included what this means for our learners:
 In secondary settings and colleges face coverings should be worn in all communal areas and in the classroom where it’s not possible to socially distance.
This change now means all pupils and students must wear face coverings in classrooms during lessons as it is impossible to socially distance in our school. The only exception to this is if learners have a medical exemption.
 Twice weekly testing will be available for year 10 learners and above in schools and colleges.
This change means that all pupils and students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13 will be tested for COVID-19 using lateral flow asymptomatic test kits. This testing will begin when their year group returns to school for face to face lessons. The logistics and procedure for the administering of these tests is yet to be shared with schools.
I will write again as soon as possible to inform you of the plans for the return of each year group and the arrangements on how we will conduct the testing of pupils and students. I will also update all parents on any further guidance we receive. As always, please contact the school if you have any questions about this latest announcement.
As pupils return, we will continue to be a safe, protective environment for all members of our community.
Best wishes and continue to follow the latest government advice
Neil Foley - B.Sc. MA.
Pennaeth Headteacher

Letter to learners re outcomes of Ofqual consultation

25 February 2021

Download the letter - 250221 Letter to learners

Dear Learner

Information for learners about assessment arrangements for vocational qualifications

We wrote to you on 9 February about arrangements for vocational qualifications this year. Following today’s announcements made by Ofqual, we are now able to provide you with further information about the assessment arrangements for vocational qualifications for Summer 2021.

In January, Ofqual held a consultation to ask for views on the arrangements for vocational qualifications. That consultation has now closed and Ofqual has published the findings.

Many vocational qualifications taken in Wales are also taken in England and Northern Ireland. Some vocational qualifications, such as Essential Skills and those in Health and Social Care, and Childcare, are only available in Wales. As regulator for qualifications, we’ve made sure that the approach to awarding vocational qualifications in 2021 is the same, regardless of where they are taken.

I’m taking a qualification that is similar to an A level or GCSE. How will I get a grade?

If you are taking a qualification that is similar to A levels or GCSEs, such as BTECs, WJEC Vocational Awards and Applied Certificates and Diplomas or the new Health and Social Care: Principles and Contexts qualifications, then your grades will be determined by your school or college based on a range of assessment information.

As with A levels and GCSEs, your school or college will ensure that the assessment of your work is on topics that you’ve been able to cover during the course, so you are not at a disadvantage from this process.

Awarding bodies will be providing more information about their specific requirements over the next few weeks. You should receive your result no later than

learners who are studying A levels and GCSEs. A level results will be published on 10 August and GCSE results on 12 August.

My qualification is not similar to a GCSE or A level but I need it to progress. What happens to me?

Some qualifications support progression to further study or employment but are not similar to GCSEs or A levels, such as Essential Skills Wales qualifications. Exams and assessments for these qualifications can continue where it is safe to do so, remotely or in person. Adaptations that have been put in place will still be available. If you are unable to take the assessment when you need to, then alternative arrangements will be available for you to give you every chance to progress. Awarding bodies will provide guidance to centres on the alternative arrangements.

Essential Skills Wales qualifications will continue to be available, but if you cannot take the assessments due to the impact of COVID-19, then you will be able to receive a result based on the judgement of your teacher or assessor. They will use a range of assessment information, which could include assessments that you have completed at your school, college or training provider, or at home. More information about their specific requirements will be provided by awarding bodies over the next few weeks.

I’m taking a qualification that requires me to demonstrate practical or occupational competency. Will I be able to get a result?

If you are taking a qualification that requires you to demonstrate practical skills, such as plumbing, construction, performing arts or hairdressing, then you will need to be assessed on your practical skills before you can qualify. Your assessments should be continuing as normal where possible, although they may be held in a different way, for example remotely or with slightly different tasks. In some cases, your assessments may need to be delayed until they can be carried out safely in line with public health guidance. Welsh Government has published operational guidance to support centres to get learners back safely.

How can I find more information about my qualification?

Check the awarding body’s website for more information on the approach for each qualification. The awarding body will be sending more information to your school, college or training provider about what you will need to do to complete your qualification as soon as possible. You can also look out for the Ofqual explainer tool, which will be published during March where you will be able to search for the approach for your qualification, including qualifications only available in Wales.

Qualifications Wales Learner Advisory Group

We’re setting up a Learner Advisory Group that will help us talk to learners and understand what they need from us. We welcome applications from a range of learners from different backgrounds, including those studying vocational qualifications, to ensure we have broad representation on this group. The closing date to apply is 7 March and there is more information about what is required on our website.

We will be publishing more information about awarding in summer 2021 as we can. There is information on our website and we update this regularly.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Blaker

Chief Executive

Sessions to improve skills in various GCSE, AS and A level subjects

The Covid pandemic has resulted in students across Wales missing out on certain aspects and the opportunity to improve skills in various GCSE, AS and A level subjects. In order to support pupils across Wales, e-sgol will be running a number of sessions to support pupils with aspects of their work. These after school sessions will run for four weeks starting from Monday 1st, March.

These webinar sessions will be broadcasted through a live event on Microsoft Teams and facilitated by teachers from across Wales who have an expertise in the subject they’ll be delivered. The sessions delivered will be recorded and can be used at a later date.

For more information including when the sessions will be held, visit the following website

KS4 Options Process

13+ Parents’ Information – 13-19 Learning Pathways

Dear Parent / Guardian,

I am writing to inform you that the KS4 options process started today.

These subject choices are amongst the most important ones to be made in Prestatyn High School. We would normally invite you to attend an information evening in school but due to ‘COVID 19’ this cannot take place formally so all information will have to be shared electronically and option choices made online.

Information has been shared with your son/daughter in online assemblies before half term and earlier this week. All the information about the subjects and how the process works for the pupils is available on the school’s website.

A video is included to explain the Learning Pathways, the external examinations and the different qualifications available. Information, advice and guidance on making appropriate decisions are the focus.

It is possible for pupils to discuss subjects with their teachers using teams or by emailing them directly. The deadline for the completion of options is the 1st March. If when we return to school and your child feels they have made a wrong selection, they can see me to change their options. The choices they make are not fixed and as in previous years the subjects can be changed throughout the Autumn term until Christmas.

If after looking at the information and help on our website you would like a paper copy of the options booklet please contact school and one will be made available for you to collect from the school office.

If you have any queries regarding the arrangements please contact either Mrs. Stevens the deputy of year 8 or myself.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. A. Hall

Assistant Headteacher


Please find attached a letter which has been sent to all parents/carers of pupils with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) which is the new term that will be replacing Special Educational Needs.


The letter sets out what will be happening from September 2021 with regards to a new system of ALN in the whole of Wales.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or by email at:


Download the lettter - Letter to Parents En ALN Feb 2021