Studying the past and analysing how and why events happened as they did.

Key Stage 3

Students learn the major events in History from 1066 to 1945. We analyse the Normans, Tudors, Stuarts and the events that led to two world wars.

Key Stage 4

GCSE students study America between 1910 – 1945, take an in depth look at Crime and Punishment through the ages and finally the events in Britain 1945 – 1951.

A level

Students study two topics in the sixth Form: Weimar Germany and the rise of the Nazis and Britain from the period 1880 – 1980.


Fortnightly revision sessions take place within department and an annual trip to New York and Washington to experience the culture and living history of those great cities.



Department Staff

Mr G S BennettHead of History
Miss E A BrimbleDeputy Head of History
Mrs S E DaviesTeacher
Mrs K LarkinTeacher
Mr G J TurnerAssistant Headteacher and Teacher of History

Learning Plans

What is a Learning Plan?
When you see your son/daughters books you will find Learning Plans (currently only at KS4). These are photocopied onto blue paper and set out the learning that is being done in lessons, what the homeworks are and when assessments will take place.

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