Welsh Government – Statement on summer exams

Further to the letter that was issued via our website last Friday I would like to update all stakeholders on the situation relating to external exams.

What we do know:

The Welsh Government have confirmed that no learner will be sitting any external examinations in the summer term.

Grades for GCSE and A level qualifications in 2020 will be calculated using a range of evidence. They will be based on a combination of factors which MAY include:

  •   Marks for work completed to date, for example AS results or marks awarded for NEA/ coursework; and
  •   Teacher assessments.

    Teacher assessed grades will be based on what teachers expected a learner to achieve at the end of the qualification. They will represent a fair, reasonable and carefully considered judgement of the most likely grade that might be achieved in normal circumstances. This is a professional judgement based on the combined assessment information held for that learner and will be a holistic judgement rather than focusing on a single source of evidence like mock examinations. They will NOT be based on target grades, mock results or aspirational grades.

    Welsh Government are not planning to issue grades for AS Levels or for unit assessments taken by Year 10 learners. For those learners, a variety of options, including the opportunity to sit exams in subsequent exam series will be looked at.

    Welsh Bacc / Vocational/ BTEC qualifications:

    We are still waiting for further information relating to Welsh Bacc, Vocational and BTEC qualifications. We highly recommend that students continue to work on their projects and utilise the resources on the PHS website.


We are working hard to provide greater clarity, as quickly as possible, and will continue to give regular updates.

We’ll keep you updated via the school website on any new details we receive off the Welsh Government, WJEC and Qualifications Wales.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. G Turner Mr. Vernon
Deputy Headteacher Deputy Headteacher

Download the letter – Statement on summer exams

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